Premium Resume / CV For UX/UI Designer


Are you a UX/UI designer looking for a Premium resume or CV template? You're in luck! We have 5 templates for you to choose from, each with a different style and layout:

1. Card Design CV Type 1: This template features a card-based design that showcases your skills, experience, and portfolio compactly and elegantly.

2. Card Design CV Type 2: This template uses a similar card-based design as Type 1, but with more space for your details and contact information.

3. Flat Design CV: This template has a minimalist and modern flat design that highlights your achievements and qualifications simply and clearly.

4. Art Design CV: This template is perfect for creative UX/UI designers who want to showcase their artistic flair and personality. It has a colorful and eye-catching design that will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

5. Figma Design CV: This template is designed for Figma users who want to create their resume or CV using the popular online tool. It has a professional and sleek design that is easy to customize and edit.

For a limited time, you can download it for only 4.95$. Order now and impress your future employers with your stunning CV.

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